Hello, Goodbye

Published 15 August 2011 by Miss Dilly

Last week I went to knit night, there were some of the usual suspects in attendance.  But that evening there was new character.  There were a few of us sitting next to each other all intently knitting and missing the entire purpose of going to knit night (If I didn’t want to talk to anyone or even hear anyone talk I would without hesitation stay in my own sanctuarty to knit madly.  But if I make the effort to get dressed, gather my scattered knitting and drive, I do intended to converse with someone if it kills the both of us which it probably does in most cases.) So, I struck up a conversation with this new face. Turns out she was a student visiting from out-of-state for just a week or so.  We got on well, talking about knitting (always a safe topic), school and our intended goal out of life (routine conversation at our age and not nearly as heavy-duty as such a topic maybe should be). Come 8 o’clock we pack up our things and she turns to me and says, ‘well, goodbye!’  Bye I said cheerily.  Interesting, no?  But really- as I walked back to my car I thought I will never see hCrowder again, to know how her life goals turned out and it isn’t really sad or surprising just a funny realization.  As I thought about it though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t want to know what happened, it was an enjoyable encounter and it’s just right to be left at that. 

Like this knit night phantom, most people we do encounter we never come to know, and even more people we never meet at all.  We’re all faces in the crowd and that’s great.


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